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Belazarte is nestled in the Peñas de Aya Natural Park in the municipality of Hernani, which offers a multitude of natural recreational activities, such as hiking, trekking, etc. It is also next to the Urumea river, where you can kayak, fish, and more.
Being in the town of Hernani, you can enjoy typical Basque cuisine, with the season of cider houses between January and April, when you can enjoy the famous chop steak, cod omelette, and cheese with walnuts, not to mention the cider! Bottoms up!


Hernani is one of the areas with the strongest traditions in the handmade elaboration of cider. Together with Astigarraga and Usurbil, it forms the triangle of the cider houses where most of the Gipuzkoan cider houses are located. There are around a dozen of these establishments in the municipality. During the season of cider houses, the town welcomes numerous visitors who come from around Gipuzkoa and the surrounding provinces to the cider houses. The bars of the old town of Hernani usually have a special ambience at the weekends during this period thanks to these visitors.


San Sebastian is the axis of the area to which it gives its name, with a good network of roads and transportation that allow you to quickly access to the capital of Gipuzkoa from any point of the region, this constitutes an enclave privileged by its natural environment. The beaches of Ondarreta, Gros, and La Concha are the most visited by tourists. However, the natural and rural belt that surrounds it is also remarkable: the Peñas de Aya Natural Park, Jaizkibel, Mount Igeldo, Ulia, etc. Strolling through the Old Town, La Concha, the fishing port, approaching Pasajes San Juan, or Lezo, these are some of the many charms that await visitors who discover this region.


A largely rural area located inland along the backs of the Oiartzun river, Oiartzun boasts nearby megalithic monuments and mines of Roman origin, such as those in Arditurri, of great archaeological value, as they are considered to be the oldest in the Basque Country. Leaving from Oiartzun to Lesaka or towards Artikutza you will access the Peñas de Aya Natural Park. It is an abrupt area of about 6,100 hectares formed by a granite massif, the only one in the Basque Country. Streams and waterfalls descend throughout the area, as can be found in Aiztondo, spectacular with a 100-metre drop. The area is rich in beeches and oaks, but the fauna is even more interesting: Atlantic salmon, Pyrenean desman, European mink, roe deer, wildcat, vulture, eagle, Egyptian vulture, and kingfisher. It is also home of the hawfinch, which only dwells in this area of the Basque Country.